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British Musician Taps Augmented Reality for Latest Album

While many musicians bemoan what technology has done to the recording industry, Beatie Wolfe embraces the opportunity.

Wolfe has used near-field communications chips and mobile apps to distribute her music in the past. Wolfe is streaming her new album, "Raw Story," live in 360-degree video on YouTube. The live stream will run for a week, starting today, broadcasting from the world's quietest room — the anechoic chamber in Nokia Bell Labs.

Synchronized visuals will appear in augmented reality. Each time a person logs in, they will see different visual elements from the track they are listening to.

"A record player will be physically live streaming my album on repeat for a week from the anechoic chamber... and people will be able to login wherever they are in the world, hear the album played in that unique sonic environment and explore the chamber in live 360-degree video," Wolfe told Axios. "The idea is they can't skip, shuffle etc, but wherever the album is in that cycle, that's what they'll hear."

You can check out the YouTube trailer here and view the live 360-degree stream here starting at 8 a.m. PT.